Part Writer. Part Book Author. Part Parenting Speaker. All Susan FitzGerald.
Speaking Events

My speaking engagements bring together communities of parents to talk about ways to raise healthy, well-adjusted children and teens in today’s non-stop world. I share what I learned from reporting my new parenting book, Letting Go With Love And Confidence, as well as insights I’ve gained from my careers as a children’s health journalist and Mom.

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The Book

Letting Go With Love And Confidence is my parenting book, designed to help parents navigate the treacherous waters of ushering your young adults into the exciting next phase of their lives. From figuring out when to allow dating to managing the college transition, the book covers it all. Learn more here!

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From the page to the podium, I address people every day. I welcome your questions and critiques, whether it’s a comment on an article, a proposal for an editorial project or a request to schedule a parenting talk. Please contact me at any of the portals below.

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